Photo of Daniel Sentance, academic copy-editor, Middle Eastern & Islamic studies

Hello! My name is Daniel Sentance. A Professional Member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (formerly, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders), I offer copy-editing and English-language editing services to academic publishers, journals and authors (American English and British English).

I’ve worked on projects for a range of university presses, trade publishers and journals, in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

What can I copy-edit?

I specialise in copy-editing Middle Eastern & Islamic studies manuscripts but also copy-edit manuscripts from a range of academic fields within the social sciences and humanities.

I can also copy-edit:

  • Manuscripts that contain Spanish or Arabic. (I have an MA in Spanish and Arabic.)
  • Manuscripts that treat legal matters. (I’m a qualified but non-practising solicitor of England & Wales.)
  • Manuscripts written by non-native English speakers, in particular Arabic speakers. (I’ve developed ESL materials and courses for a private university in Iraqi Kurdistan, and have lived and worked in Egypt, Oman, Syria and Lebanon.)
  • Manuscripts written in British English or American English.