I can undertake three levels of copy-editing for you: technical copy-editing, structural copy-editing and substantive/development editing.

Technical copy-editing

Technical copy-editing is the least intrusive level of copy-editing. Whilst it involves minimal intervention, I would attend to errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. I would also help you achieve good standards of clarity for your intended readership, taking into account both geographical and linguistic factors, as well as raise questions of factual accuracy and consistency, and report to you any evidence or suspicion of matter which may contravene the laws regarding libel or plagiarism.

Structural copy-editing

On a structural copy-edit, I would undertake the same level of copy-editing as for technical copy-editing. In addition, I would make structural interventions for clarification. This work would involve rephrasing as necessary rather than rewriting.

Substantive/development editing

At this level of editing, I would help reconstruct and rewrite your text as necessary, and as directed by you, in order to adapt the material for its defined market. This type of editing is more typical in cases where the author is primarily an information provider and not necessarily an experienced writer.

For a fuller description of the different levels of copy-editing, please consult sections 5.1.3 and 5.4 of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders’ code of practice.

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