Client testimonials

Rainer Brunner, Editor, Die Welt des Islams:

I have been working with Daniel for more than a year now, in the editorial process of our journal, Die Welt des Islams, and I must say, it is a sheer pleasure. He is not only a diligent and fast copy-editor, he is a thinking one as well, who gets in touch with the authors in order to clarify things, and who bears in mind previous corrections and standards and applies them to incoming new texts. His thorough knowledge of Arabic terms and transliteration is also a tremendous help for keeping the quality of the journal. Without Daniel’s reliable work, it would be a lot more difficult to edit Die Welt des Islams.

Franco A. Alvarado, Project Manager, Brill Academic Publishers:

We use Daniel’s copyediting services regularly. He has become an invaluable resource for the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. He is a pleasure to work with and one of the most dependable freelancers I use for my projects. He has a very good editorial instinct and does a very thorough job with the articles. He is very collaborative as well and gives valuable feedback on editorial decisions we make for the encyclopedia.

Myles Holloway, Section Manager: English, SABIS® Educational Services:

Daniel’s editing and proofreading show a special awareness of the challenges students face in terms of language. … Daniel could be relied upon to be alert, to intervene intelligently, and to aspire towards 100% accuracy and didactic effectiveness.

My confidence in Daniel may be measured by the fact that I have entrusted him with nine copy editing tasks and ten proofreading tasks. He was also responsible for training other staff members and with managing our quality assurance procedures. Again, his work was exemplary. I fully intend to use Daniel’s services in the future.

Amelia Stewart, Managing Director, Simoon Travel:

Daniel delivered exactly what we were looking for in understanding our company business and its client market. He worked tirelessly to correct, edit and proofread the company website to an exceptionally high standard and through his knowledge of SEO helped enormously to put Simoon Travel on the map.

Andrew Harding, Chief Experience Officer, Nature & Kind:

I am very pleased with the editing and proofreading that Daniel has provided online travel directory and magazine NatureandKind.com. He demonstrated excellent attention to detail and always delivered projects on time and to budget. Friendly and approachable, his knowledge of SEO also helped NatureandKind.com offer clients and the search engines a refined and attractive experience.

The Little Plato Team:

We have been using Daniel’s editing and proofreading services for a while now and we have come to rely on him quite a bit. In addition to his attention to detail, thorough fact-checking, and timely work, Daniel often gets back to us with suggestions that improve the content we offer our readers. It’s a pleasure working with him.