Over the last year, SABIS® Educational Services commissioned Daniel to propose, plan, and develop a five-level series of reading comprehension books for ESOL learners. Initially, he worked on three books: Introductory, Pre-intermediate, and Intermediate. These were followed by Upper Intermediate and Advanced. The final products show that Daniel is gifted in his ability to develop quality learning materials and in his willingness to embrace new strategies to enhance students’ learning. His range is impressive and the final texts were clear, comprehensive, and student-centered. They were perfectly integrated with other course elements and they were aligned to various external descriptors, including the Common European Framework, IELTS and ALTE requirements, and English Profile.

The manuscripts were clean and required little or no amendment. Daniel responded to requests and queries quickly and effectively. We were able to engage in productive discussions that ensured the final products met our requirements and students’ needs exactly. While not required to do so, Daniel
provided useful suggestions for layout and illustration. Even after the manuscript had been delivered and accepted, Daniel was willing to provide support.

The series has been received positively by students and instructors. We frequently get feedback that highlights the extent to which students enjoy these materials and their effectiveness in developing language abilities.

Our experience with Daniel as a developer has been so positive that we intend to use his services in the future. We highly recommend him.

Myles Holloway, Section Manager: English at SABIS® Educational Services


I was Daniel’s manager at SABIS® Educational Services, where he worked as a subject analyst on English, Social Science, Education, and Humanities courses for adults studying in non-English speaking secondary and tertiary contexts. Apart from serving on teams developing and delivering teaching materials and assessments, Daniel was responsible for editing and proofreading. All aspects of his work were characterized by a deep commitment to education, learning, and excellence. After Daniel left SABIS®, I have continued to use him as an editor and proofreader because I know that he is committed to producing work of exceptional quality.

Daniel’s editing and proofreading show a special awareness of the challenges students face in terms of language. Whether he was functioning as an editor of a psychology, philosophy, or ESOL text or checking the accuracy of someone else’s writing, Daniel could be relied upon to be alert, to intervene intelligently, and to aspire towards 100% accuracy and didactic effectiveness.

My confidence in Daniel may be measured by the fact that I have entrusted him with nine copy editing tasks and ten proofreading tasks. He was also responsible for training other staff members and with managing our quality assurance procedures. Again, his work was exemplary. I fully intend to use Daniel’s services in the future.

Myles Holloway, Section Manager: English at SABIS® Educational Services

Daniel delivered exactly what we were looking for in understanding our company business and its client market.  He worked tirelessly to correct, edit and proofread the company website to an exceptionally high standard and through his knowledge of SEO helped enormously to put Simoon Travel on the map.

Amelia Stewart, Managing Director at Simoon Travel

I am very pleased with the editing and proofreading that Daniel has provided online travel directory and magazine NatureandKind.com. He demonstrated excellent attention to detail and always delivered projects on time and to budget. Friendly and approachable, his knowledge of SEO also helped NatureandKind.com offer clients and the search engines a refined and attractive experience.

Andrew Harding, Chief Experience Officer at Nature & Kind

We have been using Daniel’s editing and proofreading services for a while now and we have come to rely on him quite a bit. In addition to his attention to detail, thorough fact-checking, and timely work, Daniel often gets back to us with suggestions that improve the content we offer our readers. It’s a pleasure working with him.

The Little Plato Team

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